The Hailers Rock The Music World with CARR: Celtic-American Rock N Roll


The Hailers are not new to the world of Rock N Roll, but they’re suddenly getting the attention they deserve. The Los Angeles-based band has opened for The Babys, The Alarm, and they have an upcoming show opening for Marshall Tucker on Oct. 13.

And it’s all because of their unique “CARR” music: Celtic-American Rock N Roll.

With a Wales-born frontman, Robert Mills, who refers to himself as “Lord Hailer,” and his partner in crime, bassist April “Lady Hailer,” this band makes for a lot of fun and some cool music as well.  The Hailers have a Celtic vibe that mingles with American rock and the blend is appealing.

As Mills is an elder statesman of rock, he is known as an expert in the ways of making music pay, and he addresses groups and consults with bands on how to become profitable. Their new single, “Look At Us Now,” is available at CD Baby.

The Hailers are a local Los Angeles Rock N Roll favorite - Photo courtesy of The Hailers

The Hailers are a local Los Angeles Rock N Roll favorite – Photo courtesy of The Hailers

Tell us about your latest recording, “Look At Us Now,” and how you came to write the songs? Do they have special meaning to you?

Writing songs is what I do. It’s a bit like fishing, some days there’s nothng, other days a little bite and now and again a whopper … Of course they have a special meaning they are like little children you bring them into the world and foster them and as they mature they take on there own personality. You get attached.  Sometimes I can interpret them but the meaning is different for each listener.

What is the secret to a good collaboration?

Flexibility and willingness to try all ideas good and bad, and allowing the song time to mature, which leads to the ultimate version or take .

From the sounds of your work, you’re a big fan of the 1970s. What is so attractive about the sound of that era?

Analog tape and tubes all playing together as a band. The new CD was recorded at Center Point Studios with great old mics and where the console is all tube analog .

Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?

We play the first Friday of the month at Ireland’s 32 in Los Angeles. You can check our website

Who are the musicians you most admire and why?

The ones who have a style and write the material themselves. I like the real deal special ones like Mavis Staples.

What do you enjoy about touring?  What is the biggest drag about touring?

I love touring. I enjoy playing live in different cities every night or every other night. What I’m not crazy about is the food choices especially if it’s late. I also am not fond of the lack of sleep .

What advice would you give young artists today?

My advice is be cool, be respectful and try to balance work, rest and play and especially, get plenty of sleep. Not enough sleep will catch up with you and render you sub-par even make you ill.


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