Northern California-native singer/songwriter Ashe talks new music, inspirations and more

Ashe is a west coast based songstress who is garnering praise with pure sonic goodness. As a graduate in composition & production from world renowned, Berklee College of Music, Ashe gained international exposure as a songwriter and jazz vocalist.

With a soulful-pop feel, she is emitting good vibes, GroundSounds recently caught up with this songstress for an exclusive interview check it out below.


For those just discovering Ashe, can you tell us a little about your background and how you got started with music?

1993. Came out screaming. Didn’t have a very solid music repertoire though – grew up on a lot of Christian radio, but I always say my grandpa saved me on our road trips cause he showed me Bob Dylan and the Stones. I’m telling you, I was super lame until I turned 19 or so when I went to Berklee College of Music. Didn’t want to be an artist or anything, just wanted to be in the world of music.

What was it like growing up in Nor-Cal?

I have mixed feelings. Lot of good memories – lot of “what the actual hell was I doing with my life?”

Can you tell us about your time spent at  Berklee College of Music?

Ah, Berklee was a dream. I found myself at Berklee. It was the first time I felt like I was where I really needed to be.

You are currently on tour, what do you enjoy most about being on the road?

I love meeting new fans who have never heard of me before! Who are like, “I showed up early but didn’t know who the opener was and I fell in love with you!” That’s the best feeling – like damn. I can do this.

Can you tell us about the writing and creative process involved with your latest track “Used to It?”

Sure! I wrote it at a time I was still doing a lot of sessions “for pitch” and showed up on a whim with Frequency (who also produced Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Monster’) and this other beautiful artist, Aria Hennessy. We didn’t really know what we were writing or who it was for until we finished it. Didn’t seem like it could be for anyone but myself cause it was so weird and personal. We were like, ‘we can’t pitch this to anyone, who is gonna want this??’

What was it like the day you filmed the music video for “Used to It?”

It was surreal, I was filming my first music video – I felt completely weird and out of it, but then at the same time, fully where I belonged. I think you can see how I was (and still am) finding myself as an artist in the video, which I think is really beautiful. I’ve heard from so many music executives that ‘you have to have your image and artist brand so solidified’ and I’m learning that that’s just a bunch of bullshit. Humans change and evolve which is trippy and amazing.

What musicians/bands are you currently listening to?

Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, Maggie Rogers, and Superorganism

What was it like working with Louis the Child for the single “World on Fire?”

They’re my family. It was organic and raw.

What’s next for Ashe, what can fans look forward to?

NEW SINGLE!! Gah I’m so excited, my new song ‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’ comes out and it’s so weird. I hope it polarizes people, that ‘they’ won’t like me, they’ll either love me or hate me.

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