NYC native Fritzwa confronts her inner mind in new “Sittin’ Pretty” video

Fritzwa is an artist living a double life, geographically at least. The NYC native uprooted to Oregon for a job at Nike, and in 2016 released her debut album, Avenue A. The LP is a breakup album of sorts, going through the stages of missing home, fighting with reality, and eventually finding peace, happiness, and hope in her new place in life. We’re sharing with you today the soulful, poetic video for “Sittin’ Pretty,” a relatable and honest look at the doubts that surround even those decisions that we know are right for us.

Watch that below and catch our full interview with the bicoastal musician and producer after the jump.

What’s it been like finding your new home in Portland?

It was a big adjustment at first. Portland is very different city than New York. I’ve grown to appreciate a lot about it. The food is amazing, and it’s one of the most scenic places I’ve ever lived.

Who are some other artists in the scene you’re digging?

There are a lot of Portland artists who’ve been really dedicated and invested a lot in the community. Mic Capes & Blossom are two Portland natives that stick out to me who the community has really championed. I really dig Glasys. He’s a next level keys player that I think is unbelievable.

You’ve done some huge gigs as a DJ as well, how do you get from starting out to playing for 3000+

I started Djing 6 years ago at bars in the Lower East Side. I took any opportunity to DJ that came my way and continued to do so when I moved to Portland. Eventually folks at the parties started to refer me to other people and eventually that led to bigger and bigger gigs. Repetition is really what afforded me those opportunities.

“Sittin’ Pretty” one line that stuck out was “Got no pride, but I’m paid.” I’m assuming this
references your reasons for moving cross country, can you elaborate on that dilemma?

Yea I had been working at my job for a few years and I wasn’t happy. I was flying places for work and getting paid really well, but still not fulfilled. It was definitely a difficult decision to leave but I think I’m headed in the right direction now.

Avenue A and especially “Sittin’ Pretty” are very introspective, how do you hope your emotions and
messages affect the listeners?

I hope they realized that I was sad at the time but still hopeful. I hope they hear the hope in the music and find some beauty in it. A few of the songs speak directly about time and things happening in their own time. looking back on that project, I’d say that i believe so even more now.

You just dropped a couple new videos, but anything else bubbling on the horizon?

Yes! I have another video coming from Avenue A and some new music that I think is really dope. It sounds very
different than Avenue |A| and that’s because I’m in a different place in my life now. I can’t wait to
release it.

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