PREMIERE: LA-based shoegaze band Draag drop freaky video for “Hell”

Mike Mehalick

Mike Mehalick

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Mike Mehalick

Los Angeles-based alt-shoegaze outfit Draag have always displayed their eclectic approach towards their recorded output, most recently exampled on their most recent EP, Traci Lordz. While lead single “Lavender Hole” worked as a standalone triumph within their most consistently applied genre tag, the rest of the EP, track by track, showed the relatively new band’s knack for diversity.

Bandleader Adrian Acosta explains, “When I started the band, I really had no idea the kind of band I was putting together. I just knew who I wanted on my team. We all have an appreciation for music of all realms, we hate the idea of not being able to write a drum n’ bass song if we want to (for example).”

The most left-of-center singular output off of Traci Lordz is the eerie dead-disco of “Hell”. Groundsounds now has the exclusive premiere of the track’s accompanying music video which continues the unsettling aesthetic making use of stock footage from 90’s arena concerts.

Check out the video above and be sure to stream Traci Lordz here.

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