VIDEO PREMIERE: Nashville indie-rocker Brandy Zdan – “More of a Man”

Mike Mehalick

Mike Mehalick

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Mike Mehalick

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Nashville-based indie-alt rocker Brandy Zdan is readying a brand new self-titled album slated to drop later this year. The album is a new stride forward for Zdan, who previously co-founded the Canadian Roots/Americana duo, Twilight Hotel. After parting ways with her partner, she was recruited as a member of Austin-based female outfit The Trishas. Zdan then embarked for Nashville to make her individual vision a reality.

That ambition and fearless attitude towards musical growth comes across in the kiss off lead single “More of a Man”. GroundSounds has the exclusive premiere of the music video below.

Zdan doesn’t have much time for wishy washy dudes, but she does have a knack for crafting a laid back yet uptempo rock structure. There’s special attention paid to the atmospheric elements as well as reverberating keys meet a blissful, modern indie-rock guitar sound.

Did I mention that Zdan also runs Soul Moon Leatherwork & Vintage? Yeah, I could definitely see where there would be little to no patience for a certain contingency of love interest.

Check out Brandy Zdan’s video for “More of a Man” below and look out for her new LP out later this year.

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