PREMIERE: Flora Cash share Christmas tune with a twist

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Cole and Shpresa are a American/Swedish duo who met through Soundcloud, instantly falling in love with the others music. In June 2012, Shpresa flew to Cole in Minneapolis from Stockholm where she stayed until they returned to Sweden as a couple two months later. It was there that Flora Cash was born and has grown into the powerful folk band it is today.

We’re excited to bring you the premiere of their Christmas song “Snow Lights.” The song isn’t your typical “band does Christmas song” fare. It develops from a haunting beginning into a really cool & captivating song. On the track, the duo had this to say:
“We wanted to write a Christmas song that conveyed an underlying “darkness” but in a way that preserved positivity. 

To some people, there is something cynical- even hypocritical, about the joy and peace that people embrace (and profess to strive toward) during the holiday season when just as quickly as December began, they seem to drop those high ideals when it is over. 

We wanted our song to embrace and address this criticism of the holidays while also saying, “…but it’s okay. I want to wish you a merry Christmas.”

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