PREMIERE: VNCE lets us in on his “Secret”

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Charlotte pop singer/songwriter VNCE is about to turn some heads with his new music. Today, he’s been kind enough to share the new track “Secret” exclusively with us. The tune features a sensual vibe with a thoroughly addicting hook.
In his own words:

“I wrote Secret shortly after last years passing of my two biggest idols, David Bowie and Prince. Both icons were such amazing sex symbols. They looked at sex and Rock & Roll with such an androgynous and different approach. So I wanted VNCE so embrace even the slightest bit of that. Pop music hasn’t seen this in quite some time. I’m not trying to re-create their legacies, but I cannot ignore their influence on me. Secret is my first offering. I wrote this song to embrace the natural desire for Sex and to pay tribute to everyone’s FWB. I know everyone can relate to dialing their FWB after a night out. My last musical endeavor was extremely heavy, so I wanted to deliver something fun.” 

Stream the song below and be sure to connect with VNCE online for more!

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