PREMIERE: The Neighbourhood – “Cry Baby” (Mark Wolf Remix)

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Sometimes a premiere lines up perfectly with a day of the week or a time of year. Today we’ve got a perfect pairing to warmer weather and that fun Friday feeling. Mark Wolf has taken “Cry Baby” by The Neighbourhood and put his touch on it to give it a much welcomed punch. It’s been on repeat all day for us, and now it’s time for you to join in!
In his own words:

“The EDM bubble, from my perspective, grew to what it was on the back of well-composed indie songs that climaxed with hard-hitting electronic drums and synths. Never has that rung more true than in this new era of slower, more danceable electronic music where so much more focus is placed on the song. 

‘Cry Baby’ by The Neighbourhood is just that. From first listen of its R&B-tinged vocals, haunting guitars, and sing-along chorus, I knew it had the potential to become one of those anthems. So what’d I do? I slapped some big-booty bass under it, sprinkled some slippery, sliding synths over it and send it off to my mixing and mastering engineers to give it that sheen like Charlie. ” 


Get your Friday into high gear and stream the track below and be sure to connect with Mark online for more!

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