PREMIERE: Mutts – “I’ll Be Around”

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Chicago band Mutts is gearing up to release their new EP Stick Together on September 12. We are thrilled to premiere the new song “I’ll Be Around” today! The song grabs you immediately with distinct vocal power. Such an intriguing voice is hard to come by, and when you pair it with a positive message and an unforgettable hook…you’ve got a track that is truly going to leave an impression. We think this song, EP, and band are going to be turning some heads this Fall.
Mike Maimone on the song:

“Although the U.S. has come a long way since Obama spoke up for marriage equality, there are still many places here and abroad where it’s not safe to be LGBTQ. And for some people that includes right inside their own minds. Personally, I was in denial about my sexuality until my early 20s, and I think it had to do with being raised Catholic. Sex was taboo. Gays went to hell. Once I could no longer hide from my reality, I was so terrified that I had recurring nightmares and fits of paranoia. It took a few years of very awkward online dating, living in a more progressive city, and the acceptance of my closest friends, to convince me that there was no need to be ashamed of being gay. I know everyone has to go through their own processes to health and self-acceptance; I just hope this song might help some people do it a little faster than I did.”


Stream “I’ll Be Around” below and be sure to connect online for more!

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