PREMIERE: Holy Golden – “Arrival”

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Holy Golden is a duo comprised of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti. They recently released their EP The Licking River and are back with a new song “Arrival” – premiering below! Holy Golden’s music is described as euphoric dream-pop mixed with lo-fi garage rock. After listening to “Arrival,” that seems pretty dead-on. The track features beautiful vocals, memorable lyrics and melody, and quite simply: an addicting “replayability.”

In their own words:

‘Arrival’ is the entrance into Holy Golden’s upcoming album “Otherworld”, a meticulously crafted kingdom which began as a daydream in Leslie Schott’s mind as a young girl and has finally found its home in a musical reality. At the beginning of the song, Leslie angelically sings to Andrew’s triumphant guitar tones, “Here we are. Made it this far. We traveled here through everything I know now.” With those words, we understand that the innocent concept of ‘Arrival’ could not have been realized without having pushed through the muck of life. The repeated phrase, ‘My soul is in your eyes’ suggests that you can only truly see yourself through the eyes of another. ‘Arrival’ is a euphoric anthem about finding a home inside the world of everything you’ve ever believed in. 

Stream “Arrival” below and be sure to connect with the band online for more!

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