Cleveland: Paper Paulk – “Stay Committed”

Paper Paulk & the Mafia STAY COMMITTED and I’m not mad! He kicks things off with “Push The Button.” This is probably my favorite beat off the project and a great way to start things. Next up is “Type of Life” where he lets us know what type of life he wants to live as well as the type of life he’s already experienced. This beat is super grimey.

Paulk really talks that talk on “Think About It.” This one really breathes the title, STAY COMMITTED to me. He then slows it down with “Karma.” I love the use of the kid’s voice on this one.

“Off The Rip” really grabbed my attention. Paulk nabbed Chase N Cashe for the feature on the record and gets very gritty which I love! This one makes you wanna lift weights or whatever you do to let steam off. The beat actually kinda makes me wanna throw the ski mask on if you know what I mean.

Paper Paulk ends the project with “Going Far.” REALLY love the message behind this joint as it is something I can relate to ten fold! Matter fact I believe we all should be able to relate to it unless you just havent endured any struggle in life. Even when you get stuck you gotta keep the vision BiG and never stop the push forward.

Overall very dope project and something you should put in your earbuds ya diig!!!

Twitter: @PaperPaulk | IG: @PaperPaulk

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