Las Vegas: JAYY – “Ca$anova”

Ok, Jayy definitely came through in a different zone for Ca$anova! He starts the project off with “Throwin’” and the vibe is super aggressive in a good way. This is for sure one for the strip club no doubt.

Jayy has most definitely come into his own in regards to the harmonizing side of things. He does so very well in “Crack The Code.”

He keeps a similar vibe on the next record which happens to be one of my favorites off the project, “Show You.”

Next up is “JEFE” where Jayy switches the vibe up and swags it out a bit more.

Following is the lead single off of the project, “Ju$t 4 U.” This is most definitely a radio ready record and shows Jayy’s crossover versatility.

He continues the melancholy love themed vibe with “Feel$.” Listening to the project you can for sure tell he has recently gone through something. Not sure what but something for sure.

Jayy concludes “Ca$anova” with a BANGER in “No Lie.” This is probably my favorite record on the entire project and I love the faster pace choice in beats on this one. This is one for the ladies but also for the fellas that take care of their lady in dope fashion. Love the audio used at the end as well.

Once again I love how he controls the lengths of his projects including this one. Not gonna lie, this project might have you in your feels so be prepared; nonetheless, a very a dope project!




Twitter: @OnlyyyJAYY | IG: @OnlyyyJAYY_

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