Dayton: David Biga – “Awake EP”


That dude Biga capped off 2017 very nicely. Just dropped his ‘Awake EP’ and made his presence felt. The project is six songs deep coming in at around 17 minutes total. Below we dive into each of the records.

Pilot – We heard a little bit of this sound on his last project. Not mad at it at all. I actually think that he is currently finding his niche with this sound. It takes a lot to find your comfort level and Biga is for certainly doing so. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Shameless – Really enjoyed his flow on this one. There was a point in time where it was difficult for Biga to catch the beat so hearing the progression is what I am fond of most. Not to mention I am a fan of the hook. Love the concept of the record as well. Gonna keep going here so bare with me but sometimes you gotta be a fan of a record just because of the title and having been an avid “Shameless” series binge watcher this song sticks with me even more.

Free – Love the vibe that he is giving us on this one. Love the consistent vibe that he is bringing throughout the entire project. Great message on this record.

X2 (f. D. Mac) – Love the production on this jawn. The pace is NICE. D. Mac came through w/ the confident flow.

Move You – This is my favorite record off of the project. Gives me a 21 Pilots vibe for sure. I love his choice in production for this ep.

Flagrant (f. D. Mac) – “If you smile, it makes it worth it”

All in all the consistency of the vibe on this project is what makes it cool. As a fan of music I am very happy to see the progression in Biga’s music. As a friend I am happy to hear the message in his content. I’ve known Biga since he was about 16. For some reason he rocked with me and I still have no idea why. This was back when I made music myself and he was one of the biggest supporters. Back then I didn’t appreciate him nearly as much as I should have so Biga if you happen to have made it this far in the post, you’re a dope ass human being and it will always be love from me. Keep making dope sounds and better yet keep being a dope individual.

And if you (the reader) haven’t checked out ‘Awake’ yet than get hip below!


Awake EP


Twitter: @DavidBiga | IG: @DavidBiga

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