A World View and Cool, ‘Way Out’ Single from WNT-AL-N


WNT-AL-N is a musician with a worldly view. He has traveled all over the planet and that has influenced his work. Pronounced “Went All In,” WNT-AL-N is teeming with creativity and he puts it to use and “goes all in.” He has a diverse musical palate and his taste in fashion and dance runs the gamut, mainly based on his worldly experiences. Influences on the music of WNT-AL-N include funk, Caribbean, pop, hip hop and various ethnic sounds. He sat down for a Q and A with Groundsounds.com

Tell us about your new single, “Way Out” and how you came to create it? Does it have special meaning to you?

I linked up with The Art Teacher through a mutual friend.  We talked about the general elements and influences that I wanted musically and we went for it. His eclectic understanding of music and sonics, mixed with my first-hand music and world experience allows us to go outside of the box.  It was the first record that The Art Teacher and I did together.  It happened fast—we co-produced and I wrote it in one session.  I’m back and forth to Asia, so we knocked out the demo and when I came back to ATL I called up my brother Julio who’s a well-known guitarist in Atlanta.  He brought a a completely different element to it, which made me go back in on the talk box and vocals and really go “All In.”

It’s a melting pot of culture (like what you’ll hear from me in the future) but still maintains the integrity of the cultural influences.  I wanted it to feel like Jumanji and Carnival came to Atlanta.  Latin, tribal drums, 808’s and telling the folks right out the gates that the WNT-AL-N ride is gonna be a different ride.  It’s a reflection of how I’ve chosen to approach life.  “iolo” (I only live once) is the motto and I’m going to live it all to the max.  Get outside of comfort zones and fully embrace life, people etc.

What is the secret to a good collaboration?   How did you meet your producers?
For me it’s energy/synergy.  Being open and versed enough to be creative.

From the sounds of your work, one could say you have an eclectic palate.  Where do you receive inspiration for this sound? 

Honestly everything.  I’ve lived overseas for a lot of my adult life and travel, history, culture has always been a part of life since a young age.  I’m a drummer and percussionist first and have been in all kinds of bands and played all kinds of music but seriously…everything I come across.  It’s a reflection of my life.

Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?
You can catch me on Instagram and Facebook. 

Who are the musicians you most admire and why?
People that worked to master their craft then made it their own. The innovators. James Brown, MJ, Missy, Andre 3000, Prince, Bowie, John Mayer, Gaga and more…

WNT-AL-N is always looking up – Photo courtesy WNT-AL-N

Do you plan on touring soon?
Yes! Will keep you posted.

What advice would you give other young artists today?
Take the time to learn and “master” your craft.  Stay a student and figure out how to bring your authentic creative self to people.  Surround yourself with like-minded people as well as with people who have done what you want to do.  Work harder than you did yesterday. Patience and persistence.

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