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Jake Craney

Favorites: Bloc Party, 3EB, Gaslight, Tokyo Police Club, The Kooks, Pete Yorn, Andrew McMahon

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Non-Skip 2.8

We’re often asked for playlists of what we’re currently listening to. With our new “Non-Skip” list segments, each staff member will curate their own unique playlist of new music they’ve been enjoying.
Jake’s Jams: Feb 8

  1. St. Lucia – “Dancing On Glass”

Fun song from a fun album. St. Lucia did not disappoint with their sophomore album.
2. Tyson Motsenbocker – “Can’t Come Home Again”

Tyson’s album comes out on March 4th, and it’s beautiful. If the song above hits you in any sort of way, put Letters To Lost Loves on your radar and do not miss out on this gem.
3. Panic! At The Disco – “Golden Days”

Panic’s new album Death Of A Bachelor is wildly inconsistent, but 2 things are still true with Brendon: he knows his way around a hook and he has a killer voice. “Golden Days” is such a monster “sing along” track – perfect for a good running/workout playlist.
4. My Gold Mask – “Battles”

Another March 4th release – My Gold Mask is good intense electro-rock. Musically I wouldn’t compare it to CHVRCHES, but if you’re a fan of CHVRCHES, I think you’ll dig this (if that makes sense).
5. Everything Everything – “Regret”

A memorable song from my favorite album of 2016 so far. Everything Everything is catchy, incredibly unique, memorable, quirky, smart as hell, and fun to listen to. Album comes out in the US on Feb 26.
6. DMA’S – “Delete”

The song that made me stop in my tracks and fully take in DMA’S music for the first time. “Delete” is on the Aussies’ debut album, out Feb 26.
7. POP ETC – “I Wanted To Change The World, But The World Changed Me”

Great song – great album. Souvenir came out at the end of Jan, so go check it out – you’ll probably dig it.
8. Cub Sport – “It Kills Me”

You might as well just set aside the entire day on March 4th to listen to new music. Cub Sport’s album comes out then as well, and “It Kills Me” has this killer vibe that won’t leave your head.
9. Pete Yorn – “Halifax”

Pete Yorn is one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters. His new album is out March 11th, so naturally I’m pumped. That voice gets me every time.
10. The Lumineers – “Ophelia”

Oh hey Lumineers – it’s been a while. We’ll have to wait until April for Cleopatra, but “Ophelia” is a good welcome back. Love the piano touches.


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