PREMIERE: CarbonWorks – “End of the World (Part 1)” [Video]

Jake Craney

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Turn your speakers up, we’ve got a jam session of epic proportions. It’s a new video that from CarbonWorks and it’s pretty stunning.

It’s not often we get fresh new music from a doctor, but Neil Barnard is no ordinary doctor. As a child in Fargo, North Dakota, Barnard studied piano, cello, and guitar, and took his love of music with him to Washington, DC, where her attended medical school while establishing himself in the DC music scene. Barnard started composing and recording songs in the 80s, and he played music professionally throughout his medical school and residency. With a penchant for the avant garde, Neal constantly writes songs that defy any genre categorization. He chooses unconventional time meters as well, in order to “tilt the song ever so slightly and give you that little jolt between the ears,” as he puts it.

In his own words:

“This composition was born one night at the 9:30 Club in Washington. Our band was very guitar-heavy and really we wanted an element of restraint and complexity. So that meant a rock band and a string quartet playing simultaneously. The piece starts with the strings, then in come the guitar power chords and Chris Thomas King starts to play his beautiful blues guitar over the top. I first saw Chris with George Clooney in the Coen Brothers’ film, “O Brother Where Art Thou,” and he is such a fantastic blues guitarist. CarbonWorks’ offerings are as diverse as the band itself, ranging from jazz to classical to punk, and even beautiful ballads, one of which enjoyed several weeks on the adult contemporary top 40 chart (currently #14).”

Watch the video below and be sure to connect with the band online for more!

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